Details of Feiyang Polyaspartic Oveseas Business Director

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Shenzhen Feiyang Protech Corp., Ltd.

Shenzhen Feiyang Protech Corp., Ltd. is a holding company of Zhuhai Feiyang Novel Materials Corp., Ltd. It is a national high-tech leading polyaspartic material researcher and manufacturer in China with strong R&D. With 20 years development, Feiyang owns many technology patents, in which Polayspartic Polyurea Technology is core technology in Feiyang, Feiyang is first and unique PolyasparticEster Resin researcher and manufacturer in China. After Bayer Aspartic ester technology expiry, Feiyang started to produce andsell Polyaspartic Ester Resin that same models as Bayer NH1420,NH1520,NH1220,NH2850XP, NH2872XP , Air Products C321, C221 and modified polyaspartic F524, D2925, except polyaspartic resin, Feiyang also produce elastic isocyanate( IPDI Prepolymer and TDI/HMDI Prepolymer).

Feiyang started polyasprartic technology research by lab since 2004. With more research on Polyaspartic Polyurea application, Feiyang summarized and popularized Polyaspartic Polyurea Materials application on anti~corrosion, waterproof, construction coatings. Matured guide formulation can be offered on each application series. Therefore, Feiyang can offer Polyaspartic Polyurea Materials and strong technical formulation support to coating manufacturers.

Feiyang R&D Institute locates in Shenzhen University, with 40 researchers,among which 60% hold master

degree. By depending the good academicenvironment and advanced equipment, the institute continuously

develop well-sold special chemical. Meanwhile, the institute establishes cooperation relationship with Stanford

(US), Dalian University of Technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Meanwhile, Feiyang Polyaspartic Ester Resin has been supplied overseas since 2012, mainly replace Bayer current polyaspartic system in coating company, and apply in new application in anti~corrosion, waterproof for International coating companies.

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